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Internship Programme 2023/25 (Graduate Development Programme)
Closing Date: 10 February 2023

EPWP Advert 2022-2023
Closing Date: 20 January 2023

Advertisement of Vacant
Closing Date: 21 May 2021

Advertisement For Sport Activity Coordinators For The Period Of 2021-2022
Closing Date: 31 March 2021

Scholarship 2020 (Advert)
Scholarship Application Form

Director: Human Resource Acquisition And Development Support Services
Closing Date: 27 March 2021

Deputy Director: Sport And Recreation School And Community Infrastructure
Deputy Director: Logistics And Disposal Services
Skills Development Facilitator
Assistant Director: Integrity Management
Assistant Director: Sport Promotion And Development
Organizational Facilitator: Organisational Design Facilitator
Sport Promotion And Development Co-Ordinator
Personal Assistant: Human Resource Acquisition And Development Support Services
Employee Wellness Practitioner
Registry Clerk
Administrative Assistant
Supply Chain Admin Clerk: Procurement
Finance Clerk: Financial Management Support Services (2 Posts)
Closing Date: 28 February 2021

Deputy Manager: Geographic Information System
Sport Promotion And Development Coordinator (2 Posts)
Recreation Promotion And Development Coordinator
Personal Assistant: Risk, Integrity And Internal Control Services
Administrative Assistant (Human Resource Management)
Personnel Officer
Transport Clerk
Chief Directorate: Sport Promotion And Development: Administrative Assistant (2 Posts)
Deputy Director: Financial Planning, Budgeting And Reporting
Closing Date: 09 December 2019 at 4pm

Scholarships 2020

Scholarship Application Form
Closing Date: 13 December 2019

Chief Director: Corporate Management Support Services
Director: School Sport Promotion And Development
Sport Promotion And Development Coordinator (3 Posts)
Personal Assistant: Corporate Support Services
Closing Date: 21 October 2019 at 4pm


A healthy, winning, and socially cohesive province through sport and recreation.

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