Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does the department build sports facilities at schools?
    No. The department works closely with the district and local muncipalities to build sports facilities in communities to suit the needs of the communities.

  2. How do community organisations work with the department and receive financial assistance for community projects?
    Community organisations are encouraged to liaise with the nearest regional office of the department to discuss their sporting needs and to gauge how the department partners with these organisations to deliver sport and recreation to the communities.

  3. As an athlete I require a sponsorship to participate in a Provincial / National sports event?
    The department does not provide financial assistance to athletes in their individual capacity. Requests will have to be made to the department through the relevant provincial sports federation. Funding is based on the status of the athlete (preference is given to the most disadvantaged athletes), the status of the code of sport (priority codes) and the nature of the event.

  4. Does the department offer bursaries to deserving students to study sport science/sports management?
    Due to limited funding the department does not offer study bursaries to students. Limited bursaries are offered to lowly qualified staff members to improve their qualification.

  5. I want to send my cv to the department to be filed for consideration when job opportunities arise?
    The department does not keep a database of cv’s and does not consider cv’s on file when vacancies arise. Vacancies are advertised in the media for the benefit of the general public. The process of application will be clearly outlined then.
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