Dundee July

Ukutelebhela (a traditional form of horse racing) is a popular past time pursued mainly by men and boys. It has grown in recent years across the province. The Department took an initiative in 2005 to promote this activity, with the staging of the first Dundee July Festival as the highlight. This initiative is now in its 7th year and programmes now exist across eight districts. Structured associations have been formed and a central facility is being developed in Dundee. Horse owners are being trained on horse care and administration and more structured weekly and monthly programmes are in place. Our long term vision is to see uKutelebhela become a popular traditional horse racing attraction in KZN and South Africa and that it contributes to economic growth and job creation along business lines and encourages private sector investment.

Dundee July 2012

Golden Games
Government has a mandate to provide sport and recreation opportunities to all the citizens of South Africa in order to improve social cohesion, promote nation building and improve quality of life. This is a joint and collaborative project amongst stakeholders:  Departments of Sport and Recreation, Premiers office, Health, Social Development, municipalities non- governmental organizations- Provincial Senior Citizens Forum, Lovelife, Age-in-Action. The programme is aimed at promoting active dignified ageing

Golden Games 2012

Indigenous Games
Historically indigenous games played an important role in socializing the young. Games such as Induku were used to teach survival skills and provide knowledge necessary for adult and communal life.  In that way community values and customs were passed from generation to generation.

Indigenous Games 2012



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