Strategic Objectives

Provincial Priority Areas

  • Strengthen Governance and Service Delivery;
  • Integrated investment in Community Infrastructure;
  • Promote Sustainable Economic Development and Job Creation;
  • Develop Human Capacity;
  • Implement a Comprehensive Provincial Response to HIV/AIDS; and
  • Fight Poverty and Protect Vulnerable Groups in Society


Strategic Goals

  1. To promote and contribute to the health and well-being of our citizens.
  2. To promote and contribute to improved performance through talent optimization, development and high performance programmes.
  3. To promote and contribute to good governance and accountability in sport and recreation.
  4. To transform the sport and recreation sector through the creation of access and equal opportunities for all.
  5. Promote social cohesion and national identity through participation in sport and recreation.
  6. Maximise access to sport, recreation and physical education in every school in KwaZulu-Natal.


Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide strategic administrative support to enable effective and efficient service delivery to internal and external stakeholders by 2019.
  2. To provide strategic managerial direction towards achieving good governance through the establishment of efficient management forums and stakeholder consultations
  3. To deliver sport development and high performance programmes through affiliated provincial sport federations and other entities.
  4. To improve access through the delivery of community and school sport and recreation facilities.
  5. To promote mass participation and talent optimization through support for clubs and academies of sport.
  6. To promote the local economy & social cohesion by hosting/ supporting strategic/major and mass-based sport events.
  7. People actively participating in organized sport and active recreation events to promote active and healthy lifestyles.
  8. To promote active and healthy lifestyles through mass participation programmes implemented in activity hubs and clubs
  9. To provide an integrated and sustainable sport and recreation programme in schools


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