Strategic Objectives

Provincial Priority Areas

  • Strengthen Governance and Service Delivery;
  • Integrated investment in Community Infrastructure;
  • Promote Sustainable Economic Development and Job Creation;
  • Develop Human Capacity;
  • Implement a Comprehensive Provincial Response to HIV/AIDS; and
  • Fight Poverty and Protect Vulnerable Groups in Society

Strategic Goals

  1. Development and participation of Sport and Recreation at all levels to address the issues of transformation, nation-building and quality of life.
  2. Promote and contribute to economic growth and opportunities sport and recreation.
  3. Promote and contribute to good governance in Sport and Recreation.
  4. Highly capacitated and skilled staff.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Render an efficient and effective administration support service to the MEC;
  2. Provide Parliamentary support to the MEC;
  3. Promote accountability at all managerial levels and ensure the proper delegation of responsibilities to the relevant  levels in the Department;
  4. Ensure sound financial accounting processes;
  5. Ensure compliance with the PFMA through the implementation of relevant financial management procedures;
  6. Promote financial control through internal inspectorate and control;
  7. Render human resource management and development;
  8. Ensure human resource planning, development, training and policy formulation;
  9. Manage labour relations and discipline;
  10. Provide auxiliary support services;
  11. Render communication and marketing services;
  12. Render administrative support to districts and clusters;
  13. Promote participation and development in junior sport;
  14. Promote participation and development in sport in communities;
  15. Promote participation and development in recreation;
  16. Co-ordinate the provision and development of sport and recreational facilities;
  17. Provide a research and information service.

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