Head of Department


Mrs Rohini Naidoo - Head of Department

The Head of the Department, is responsible for managing the Department of Sport and Recreation in compliance with the law, the policies of the government of the day, prescripts and within its budget. Her core functions include:

Supporting and advising the Executing Authority / Minister in the determination and execution of policy on:

  • Sport Management;
  • Sport and Recreation Co-ordination;
  • Corporate Services; and
  • All other matters impacting on the functions of the Department.
  • Supporting the Director-General, and through her,  the  Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, in transversal  corporate matters,  which includes the attendance of Management Executive Committee meetings.
  • Supporting the advancement of the Premier's Programme for Good Governance.
  • Exercising control over funds that are lawfully allocated to the Department by, inter alia, ensuring that cash flow limits are adherence to in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act No. 1 of 1999 (RSA) and any other applicable legal prescripts.

 Further to this, the Head of the Department of Sport and Recreation is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that strategic plans are prepared and implemented by the Department;
  • Ensuring that draft business plans that include key performance targets are prepared and submitted to the Executing  Authority / Minister;
  • Ensuring that key performance targets are achieved;
  • Ensuring that resources are managed efficiently, effectively, economically and in accordance with the principles of fairness and equality as outlined in the laws of the country;
  • Providing the Executing Authority / Minister with the necessary information that will enable him/her to monitor  performance;
  • Ensuring that Annual Reports and Accounts, as required by law, are prepared and submitted to the Executing Authority / Minister and the Legislature, and that proper accounts are kept, financial procedures are adhered to, the Department's resources are utilised effectively and efficiently within the law, and that information is provided to the Auditor-General, when requested, to enable him to audit the books of the Department;
  • Ensuring that all aspects of the management and organisation are kept under review and that they best suit the Department's business needs and objectives;
  • Contributing to the development and formulation of policies for the Department and the entire KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, which includes assessing the impact and practicability of proposed policy changes and ensuring that the Department and the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government are in a position to implement changes expeditiously and efficiently; and
  • Managing the Department efficiently through:
    • the effective utilisation and development of staff;
    • the maintenance of discipline;
    • the promotion of sound labour relations;
    • the proper use and care of the Government's property; and
    • performing the functions that may be prescribed.

The Head of the Department of Sport and Recreation will, where necessary, delegate powers vested in her without reducing her responsibility and accountability for actions undertaken on her behalf.

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